Legacy Staffing | 24/7 Charlotte Staffing Agency

Connecting job seekers and employers in the Carolinas

We have recruiters on-call 24/7 for emergency staffing solutions and convenient communication.
We visit and evaluate every client company for safe working conditions and company culture.
Every interaction between candidates and companies is personal, professional, and confidential!
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We put the right people in the right positions

We are a full-service staffing agency connecting employers and job seekers in North and South Carolina. Our dedicated team of recruiters has worked with 40+ companies and successfully placed candidates in 300+ jobs. Through building relationships and a whole lot of heart, we place people in positions where they can thrive and provide companies with the talent they need to succeed.

Our promise to you

We fill a variety of positions in 13+ industries from short-term, long-term, seasonal hires, and direct hires. Whether you need a job by tomorrow or are embarking on a new career path, there is an opportunity for you!

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